• Dewi Kania Oktaviani Poltekkes Kemenkes Bandung
  • Tri Hapsari Retno Agustiyowati
  • Tarjuman Tarjuman
  • Sukarni Sukarni


This study was motivated by CAUTI which was not found in 61% of 202 samples that had been given aintervention self-management catheter. CAUTI is a term used to indicate the invasion of microorganisms in the urinary tract or bacteria found in the urine. The purpose of writing this systematic review is to find out the description ofself-management catheter. This research method uses literature review by searching articles usingelectronic databases Google Scholar and Pubmed with the keywords self-management catheter, Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection, and CAUTI. 3 articles were found that met the inclusion criteria so that they were included in theprocess review. Of the three studies, the sample numbered 60 to 202. The results showed that as many as 60% of respondents had not yet implemented self-management catheter. The three studies did not include a description of the implementation of the fluid intake and discharge domain, the prevention of catheter problems and the communication contained in theself-management catheter. Then it can be concluded that the majority of respondents have a picture of self-management catheters in the category of very less or have a range of points 0-13 in C-SMG, a picture of the implementation of self-management of the catheter in the domain of fluid intake and expenditure a small portion of respondents in the category is very less, at the problem prevention domain in catheters is almost half the respondents in the very poor category and in the communication domain almost all respondents in the good category. It is recommended for hospital staff, especially nurses, to be able to increase preventive and promotive efforts for patients with permanent catheters by providing counseling about self-management catheterso that the number of CAUTI events can be reduced. 


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