Edellweisse Silvia Salsabella, Hasniatisari Harun, Sandra Pebrianti, Iqbal Pramukti


The middle-aged and elderly are at risk for osteoporotic fractures based on the increased incidence of fractures with age, changes in lifestyle habits, pharmacologic therapies, and medical conditions that may increase the risk of osteoporotic fractures. The incidence of osteoporotic fractures is expected to grow in the future. Based on this phenomenon, preventive efforts are needed with early detection of fracture risk screening to reduce and prevent osteoporotic fractures in middle-aged and elderly in the future. This study aimed to determine the risk of fracture in middle-aged and elderly. The research method used descriptive quantitative. The research sample amounted to 120 respondents with the sampling technique using consecutive sampling. The research instrument used FRAX® Tool without BMD consisting of 11 question items assessed as valid and reliable as a fracture risk screening tool. The results study showed that all middle-aged had a low risk of major osteoporotic fracture (100%) and a low risk of hip fracture (100%). The majority of the elderly had a low risk of major osteoporotic fracture (96.7%) and a low risk of hip fracture (83.3%). The study also showed that the risk of major osteoporotic fracture and hip fracture was higher in the elderly than in the middle-aged. Preventive efforts need to be balanced with controlling various risk factors for osteoporotic fractures which can be done by leading a healthy lifestyle, such as regular physical activity, increased intake of calcium and vitamin D nutrients, adequate sun exposure, and reducing smoking.

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Edellweisse Silvia Salsabella
edellweisse20001@mail.unpad.ac.id (Primary Contact)
Hasniatisari Harun
Sandra Pebrianti
Iqbal Pramukti
Salsabella, E. S., Harun, H., Pebrianti, S., & Pramukti, I. (2024). RISIKO FRAKTUR PADA PARUH BAYA DAN LANSIA. JURNAL RISET KESEHATAN POLTEKKES DEPKES BANDUNG, 16(2), 430-443. https://doi.org/10.34011/juriskesbdg.v16i2.2588

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