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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • The author states that the submitted manuscript is original
  • The author states that the submitted manuscript is the result of research with the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and it can be stated that there is an informed concern to the respondent.
  • The list of authors' names is correct in the submitted manuscript
  • The author declares to grant the publication copyright to tJurnal Riset Kesehatan Depkes RI Bandung to publish an approved manuscript. Manuscript copyright remains the property of the author
  • The author declares that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere


  1. Submit new and original manuscripts.
  2. Do not reproduce manuscripts that have been published in other journals.
  3. Do not include manuscripts that are being assessed by one journal or simultaneously also submitted to other journals.
  4. Authors are allowed to send manuscripts to other journals if the status of the manuscript is declared rejected, or can withdraw the manuscript even though the status of the manuscript is officially accepted but has not been published.
  5. Manuscripts submitted must not exceed the similarity index of 25%. Checking can be done by the author, reviewer or editor with the iThenticate or Turnitin application.

Manuskrip Format

Manuscript Title

  1. Title: Must be simple, informative, accurate, reflect the topic of the manuscript, no more than 15 words excluding conjunctions, typed with a capital letter except for conjunctions. Font Arial 14.
  2. The author's name is typed without a title and is consistent in the spelling of the name.
  3. The author's address is the email address for correspondence.
  4. Author affiliation


Abstract using English and Indonesian. Consists of 150 - 250 words consisting of objectives, design, setting, subject, intervention carried out, length of research, method of measurement, main results and conclusions. Abstract is equipped with a maximum of 6 words keywords.

Contents of the manuscript:

  1. The introduction consists of the background of the research problem which is equipped with related data and literature, the importance of the research and hypotheses (if needed).
  2. The method consists of design, subject, location, ethical considerations, measurements/measurements, data collection methods/procedures, length of research and data analysis used.
  3. Result: Data can be displayed in the form of tables, figures or graphs. The data displayed are the main findings that are relevant to the research objectives. Explain the results of statistical analysis.
  4. The discussion includes a description of the main findings, how they relate to research objectives that are supported by similar or relevant research, benefits to knowledge development and implications and recommendations in the field of study.
  5. Conclusions are statements about conclusions and recommendations for further research.
  6. Acknowledgments to the main organization or individual or institution that assisted in the process or financed the research.
  7. The bibliography describes the reference sources used in the manuscript and must be in accordance with the contents of the manuscript, compiled using the AMA (American medical association) system using a reference source is a research journal of at least 10 journals or the results of research reports in the form of (thesis, thesis and dissertation). ) at least the last 10 years.



Using the AMA (American Medical Association) system. https://www.amamanualofstyle.com/. If the article has a DOI number, you can use the help of this application: https://www.amamanualofstyle.com/


If single Authors :

1. Lelic M,  Influence of Maternal Anemia During Pregnancy on Placenta and Newborns. Med Arh. 2014;68(3):184. doi:10.5455/medarh.2014.68.184-187

If multiple authors :

  1. Lelic M, Bogdanovic G, Ramic S, Brkicevic E. Influence of Maternal Anemia During Pregnancy on Placenta and Newborns. Med Arch. 2014;68(3):184. doi:10.5455/medarh.2014.68.184-187
  2. Bassey G et al. Prevalence of placenta Plasmodium parasitemia and pregnancy outcome in asymptomatic patients at delivery in a University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. Niger J Clin Pract. 2015;18(1):27-32. doi:10.4103/1119-3077.146975
  3. Kawuryan S linta. Pengaruh Kadar Trombosit , Hematokrit , Hemoglobin Darah Dan Protein Urin Pada Ibu Preeklamsi/Eklamsi Terhadap Nilai Apgar Bayi Yang Dilahirkan. 2003;(0341):78-81.
  4. Koury MJ, Bondurant MC, Graber SE, Sawyer ST. Erythropoietin messenger RNA levels in developing mice and transfer of 125I-erythropoietin by the placenta. J Clin Invest. 1988;82(1):154-159. doi:10.1172/JCI113564

If article reference from  online jurnal

Not allowed to use sources from Google search and the like. Must source directly from the journal.

  1. Lelic M, Bogdanovic G, Ramic S, Brkicevic E. Influence of Maternal Anemia During Pregnancy on Placenta and Newborns.  Med Arch. 2014;68(3):184.  www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source., acessed date  February, 24 2015, jam 10.31 WIB. It should be  http://ijphjournal.it/article/view/8671/7849. or you can use  DOI:10.5455/medarh.2014.68.184-187


Tasman.,  Hubungan Lingkungan Eksternal Remaja dengan Risiko Penyalah gunaan Napza pada Siswa di SMA/SMK Kecamatan Beji Depok.2005. Tesis tidak dipublikasikan. Universitas Indonesia.

Wood, M.A., A Study of the Perception of the Impact of Modelling on the Development of Commitment to Action in Decision Conferencing,2004. Phd thesis, Curtin University of Technology.


Change of authorship involves the addition, deletion, or rearrangement of the author's name from the accepted manuscript. Requests to add or remove an author, or to reset the author's name, must be attached:

  1. The reason for the name to be added or removed, or the names of the re-writers and
  2. written confirmation (e-mail, fax, letter) from all prior authors that they agree with the addition, deletion or rearrangement.

Note that as a result of these changes it is at the author's risk that publication must be postponed (if it has not been published) and if it has been published it will result in a Corrigendum of an article.



The Board of Editors and Reviewers has the power to reject articles that are inappropriate. Bestari's Editors and Partners evaluate all manuscripts. Manuscripts are rejected because they are not original, not original enough, or have scientific deficiencies, poor Indonesian/English grammar, or are outside the purpose and scope of the journal with potential conflicts of interest. Failure to follow the Guidelines for Authors and article structure.