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Childbirth is a physiological process experienced by women. One way to prevent complications in childbirth is to provide comprehensive maternal services with a holistic approach and pay attention to aspects of women's empowerment, one of which is by providing a choice of comfortable and safe delivery positions. Delivery positions include, horizontal and vertical positions. Squat position is one of the vertical positions that can be offered to clients during the labor process. Squatting position can be used as an option in the normal delivery process. The squat position makes maximum use of the force of gravity. Where slowly the baby will more easily descend to the pelvic floor, following the shape of the pelvic cavity along with the mother's efforts to push. Thus, the position of delivery determines the length of the second stage. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of the squatting position on the duration of the second stage of labor. The method used is a quasi-experimental research using a posttest control group design model. The results showed that the squatting position had a significant effect on the duration of the second stage of labor. The conclusion is that the squatting position can shorten the duration of the second stage of labor.

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