Ferina Ferina, Dian Nur Hadianti


Menarche as the initial event of menstruation in adolescents is an important marker of the start of the process of maturing reproductive function. Menarche is strongly influenced by various factors including hormonal, physical activity, psychological environment including health status. Reproductive maturity in adolescents is one of the important signs of puberty in the reproductive life of a female adolescent. The purpose of this study was to see the description of menstruation in adolescents. This research method is quantitative observational survey to see the description of the incidence of menstruation in adolescents at SMPN 40 Bandung City. The number of subjects involved as many as 184 teenage girls from class VII to class IX who are willing to take part in the survey. Processing the data of this study with the distribution of the frequency of menstrual events in adolescents. Based on the results of the research on the characteristics of the respondents, the average age of the respondents was 14.07 years, and the average age at menarche was 12.06 years. Most respondents' menstrual cycles are regular. The average body mass index (BMI) of respondents in the normal category is 20.17.

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Ferina Ferina (Primary Contact)
Dian Nur Hadianti
Ferina, F., & Dian Nur Hadianti. (2021). INDEKS MASA TUBUH, MENARCHE DAN SIKLUS MENSTRUASI PADA REMAJA. Jurnal Riset Kesehatan Poltekkes Depkes Bandung, 13(2), 339-346.

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