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ANC, logbook system, knowledge, risk of stunting


Stunting is a chronic malnutrition problem due to long-term insufficient nutrition. The prevalence of stunting in Indonesia reaches 37.2%, and in Bogor Regency it reaches 28.4%. Poor quality anc is one reason of stunting. Proper care is needed during pregnancy in this case, by anc mentoring model and assistance of a daily logbook is one solllution of them .

This study goals to analyze the effect of an antenatal care model based on a logbook system to prevent stunting in second trimester pregnant women whom get the risk of stunting mostly. A non-equavalent group design method is used for this research, with a pre and post test design approach within a control group. The research location is in Kemang Health Center area during July to September 2019. The research sample was pregnant women in the second trimester who met the inclusion criteria of @ 30 subjects each  group. The sample was taken by using proposive sampling technique.

Data collection was taken in intervention groups and controlled by questionnaire, carried out for 2 times, during pre and post intervention. The intervention group received modelling for 3 times and was assisted by system of  logbook media, and the control group did not receive both assistance and leaflet media. Analysys data which use Mann-Whitney test showed that the logbook-based model of antenatalcare assistance has significant effect to prevent stunting risk (p <0.05). Hopely, this mentoring model can be applied in pregnancy care as an effort to prevent stunting.




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