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Used of food digital map, the ability of estimation, macro nutrient


Development tools of dietary intake based on the internet and mobile phone can increase the accuracy of food intakes estimates.  In this research, we try to develop tools of dietary intake based on a smartphone,  Food Digital Maps. This study aims to know the effect of the Food Digital Maps program for estimates macronutrient intake. The study design is two groups experimental, with 78s sample for the treatment group and 78’s sample for the control group. The data collected can estimate macronutrients intake (energy, protein, fats and carbohydrates) before and after use Food Digital Maps. The result showed significant difference at 4. 06% on the ability of estimation of energy intake, significant differences at 4.07% on the ability of estimation of protein intake, significant differences at 6.83% on the ability of estimation of fat, significant differences at 11.08% on the ability of estimation of carbohydrate intake before and after use of food digital maps.  There are significant differences in estimating energy and fat intake between groups using digital food maps and food models. But there was no significant difference in the ability to estimate protein and carbohydrates intake between groups using digital food maps and food models. Food digital maps can be used as alternative dietary intake survey tools for easier and practical, but this program required development and further research.  


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